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Full Cheeks

Co-leading content strategy for a new small pet brand

I partnered with our brand team and an outside design agency to build a brand that offered everything needed to care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small pets.

Paper Bedding Front.png
Paper Bedding Back.png


  • Co-wrote 4 brand concepts using customer research alongside the brand team

  • Utilized the customer test results to co-develop a brand story with the design agency​

  • Honed a significant number of brand names down to a handful – sent to customer testing

  • Suggested and advocated for the “Full Cheeks” brand name

  • Provided ideas for how the agency could interweave text and design to engage and educate customers

  • Helped divide editing tasks amongst a 5-writer copy team and collaborated with the design agency

  • Documented, maintained and disseminated an evolving content checklist to ensure consistency while proofing

  • Presented the overall communication strategy to the design team

  • Presented the habitat communication strategy to leadership

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  • ​​Submitted packaging for over 200 products and associated materials in 3 months

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